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Tai Chi Days

Tai chi Thursday

My tai chi buddy (off camera) and I share 3 distinct tai chi days.
Tai Chi Tuesday involves 2 1.5 hour classes each with distinctive characteristics.  Guy Forsyth's Ruta Maya Yang style drop in session from 1 to 2:30  is outdoors on a patio with a fountain.  The warm ups are centering and exhilerating.  Guy is an engaging teacher and expert communicator of the delicate balances involved in tai chi practice. Thank you Guy! http://rutamaya.net/community-wellness.html
The Tuesday Evening Chen sessions are a whole different group, at night, inside; these sessions include weight resistance with bowling balls and learning the Long Form. http://austinchentaichi.com/  Thank you Chris and Will for opening your practice to the community.
Tai Chi Wednesday is our great sessions from 10-11 with Santanu at the Austin Kung Fu Academy.  thank you Santanu for your extreme patience and deep rich knowledge.
Tai Chi Thursdays we meet in the park and review and reflect on what we've learned and observed during the week.

Tai Chi has become an important part of my teaching/learning cycle.  I LOVE it!  Thank you to all my  tai chi buddies!  You know who you are.

Honoria and Tai chi buddy in the park doing free form broadsword exercise  December 2010
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