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Missing Gradebook

I don't think the gradebook was stolen but who knows.  First, it didn't look like a gradebook.  It had one of my paintings on the cover and I'm most sorry to loose that because I liked it.  It was my first Kandinsky on Zen painting.  And it also wasn't filled with traditional grades, rather notes about various projects.  I'm a qualitative grader who converts to quantitative at the end based on student's ending synthesis of the material and exit skills instead of a collection of points.  Although I tell students grading is a collection of points for homework and quizzes to get them to apply themselves to concrete tasks, I put more weight on learning and change over time based on experimenting and applying new ideas.  Learning means to find out about the unknown, figure out what the unknown can do for you, and wrestle unknowns that give you a boost into your skillset.  So that's my grading philosophy.  I'm an aesthetic wrestling coach:-)  Hurray for tai chi.

Also the students present their 3 best drawings and an artist statement for their final as well as a written test. I add that to the midterm grade and so I have lots of material on which to base a final grade.

Oh well, it's not like I don't have enough art lying around.  I've been making more bookmarks on the theme of K on Z to put on cards for the holidays.  I also created a nice little photo report on our year to enclose.

I can't believe I recycled all my old W fashion mags.  I really need them now for the new class.  I may post to the neighborhood list for fashion mags.  I've got tons of fashion drawing ideas.  The books from my library research are great.  Flow flow flow.
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