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Celebrate the Day of the Astronauts - Mail Art

yuri gagarin photo

Theme: Astronaut Yuri Gagarin flew into orbit aboard the Soviet spacecraft Vostok I on 12 April 1961, becoming the first man in space. He orbited the Earth once before returning for a safe landing in the Soviet Union roughly 90 minutes later. The 1961 flight made him an international hero and one of the symbols of the modern art: the pioneer of space is in the avant-guard events. We are offering contemporary artists the chance to interpret the theme of the first conquest of space. Send your mail art on the Yuri Gagarin.
The initiator of the project - Smolensk regional newspaper «Rabochy put» and art gallery «40 kvadratov».
Technique: free
Format (max) – A3
no return, no fee, no selection, no jury
Please include name, surname, country, address + e-mail address (for notification of final documentation) and web site if one exists.
You can send your work by mail or e-mail (jpg, 300 dpi). We also accept links for downloading video files (dvd, avi).
Exhibition: The exhibition will take place in the homeland of Yuri Gagarin Smolensk and in the other towns of Smolensk Region in April-May, 2011. The opening is planned on the 12th April, 2011 - in The Day of Astronautics.
Documentation: We`ll publish your works in our newspaper, on our web-site: www.rabochy-put.ru/gagarin.html
and in the catalogue.
Info: www.rabochy-put.ru/gagarin.html
Deadline: March, 1st, 2011
Snail Mail:
Rabochy put,
Dzerzhinskogo, 17,
Smolensk 214000,
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