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Lemons and Light Logic

My favorite module in the semester is light logic in which we turn out all the lights and just draw a single lemon with the crest or core shadow, the midtones, the highlight, cast shadow and reflected lights.  It's amazing the amount of concentration in the classroom and the quick results in terms of change in drawings.

Light Logic on Lemons - Observational Drawing with Honoria Starbuck Art Institute of Austin Winter 2011

Leomon in Observational Drawing Light Logic class Winter 2011 with instructor Honoria Starbuck

Students with lemon drawings in Week 3 of Observational Drawing taught by Honoria Starbuck

Observational Drawing students with light logic lemon drawings.  Class taught by Honoria Starbuck
Tags: drawing, drawing on the right side of the brain, observational drawing, teaching

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