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Tai chi sword painting

tai chi sword painting by Honoria Starbuck JA2011

This painting was done by tying a striper dagger brush to the end of my tai chi broadsword, dipping it in paint and then letting it swing back and forth brushing the page.  Last Friday Bret and I did tai chi practice then taped the brushes to our swords and did some paintings in the rose garden of Zilker Park, Austin, TX.

The painting is called Found Triangles. The triangles emerged by swinging the paintbrush-tipped sword back and forth over the paper letting straight lines fall where they may. The found triangles wanted to be umber. Then they wanted hot pink angle emphasizers. Never argue with a found triangle.

22 X 30 inches.  Ink, watercolor, gouache, and pastel on heavyweight soft cotton printing paper, maybe Stonehenge.
Tags: art, india ink, painting, tai chi

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