honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

3 variables

Today I met with Anna my historian buddy who is going to read the two data chapters with her taxonomy glasses on and look for major themes that I don't hit hard enough in the conclusions. We chatted about grounded theory and the trends in the data which always helps. Got a toenail painting. I do have a bit of trouble rationalizing getting my toes professionally polished in the winter. then I found a wonderful blue Italian turtleneck at goodwill and Lucas called. He asked if I knew how to solve equations with 3 variables. I said bring your text book and I hit the Internet for answers http://ghs.gresham.k12.or.us/science/winters/Text/Math/3Variables.doc.
then together we did the homework. We rendezvoused and crunched x,y,z's for a while, then he went to a party and I started wrapping presents to take to the post office.

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