honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Preparing for SXSWi

I'm preparing my papers and traveling art kit for SXSW. This year I am going to be even more experimental and off the wall than last year. 
I'm printing books of good paper with tinted gesso panels -  sort of a theme on comics but much more abstract. On top of the panels I'm planning to add layers of maker/silly.  All this will be more clear when you see it, but googly eyes and rubber stamps are likely to be involved:-) 
I love it that my teaching job gives me the foundation from which to take leaps of creativity. 

My notes are going to be in asemic calligraphy which I recently learned about.  I may also add some fashion mood board type collage, and flapping tabs of translucent vellum but who knows. 
Tags: art, asemic, collage, sxswi, visual thinking, vizthink

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