honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Painting with Swords - How To

1.  Do warm up exercises
2.  Practice forms
3. Tape brushes to Swords
4. Put paint in containers
5. Dip brushes in paint
6. Paint
Use Rocks to hold down paintings as needed depending on wind
7. Giggle
8. Repeat 5 -7 until it's drying time
9. Put paintings in sun to dry
10. Photograph while discussing life, growth, art...
11. Be "happy as a fish in crystal waters"

Tape brushes to swords  sword painting step 2

Sword painting Dip Brush  Apply paint to paper or canvas

Use rocks to hold down paintings in the wind  take photos as the paintings dry - honoria starbuck 2011
Tags: acrylics, sword painting, tai chi

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