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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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chaos in the classroom
pinhole camera
One of my classes is full of rather flighty students.  During the last class the level of chaos was worrisome and productivity was down.
I am devising ways to encourage students to focus even when in socially active  & communicating based on the idea of games, specifically role playing.

Deliverables Game: I bought some clear folders and am going to put each student's name on one and they will turn in everything via the folder with thier name on it for points.  This will create a stronger sense of personalized ownership. 

Real World Communication Game:  First, I will randomly create teams to disrupt the cliques. Next, the assignments that reflect real world communication situations that require drawings to transmit information. Finally the teams will present their group work quickly.  The assignments will be 1 hour assignments with a 5 minute presentation at the end.  I will give individual grades and then mix up the team members again.