honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Skeleton Drawing Game

Using Seth Priebatsch's game layer applied to art teaching is exciting.  I am having success turning activities into games.  This game is for day one of anatomy and life drawing. 


2 stacks of CARDS. Each card has a name of a major bone of the body
Classroom skeleton
Anatomy textbook
2 large pieces of paper the slightly more than the height of the skeleton.

Divide class in 2 teams

Mix up each deck of cards and give one deck to each team.

First student draws one card with the name of the bone on it.

Student can confer with team and textbook and look at the skeleton to try to draw the bone named on the card in the right place and in right proportion compared to the actual skeleton on the paper.  All proportion techniques are allowed such as using the 8 heads scale.

Next student draws a card and a bone.  When the deck is complete the team with the skeleton that looks most like the classroom skeleton wins 1 Chievo each.


Tags: anatomy, game layer, teaching

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