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create chievo tracker team

Plus ones form

I recommend a student for a plus one.
i recommend __________
Recommended by ________

Wow report. 1 to 5 points

title of report
Student giving report
URL or source of material

Theory of fun for game design book recommended by jane mc

prosocial emotions

Chievo challenges

Hide research opportunity chievos in library books, comics, and mags.

Send chievo op via email every other week for five in all
Week 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Make maps of every chapter!

Chievo or homework draw:
Make cards for homework assignments students can trade cards.
Cards for every chapter.

Plusoneme.com from chapter 8
Askstdents to plus one each other?
Plus cards in class?
If students help each other they can submit plus ones to add to student chievos?
10 for each class

Plus one giver
Plus one receiver 
One complete sentence on the Reason plus one is recommended

energized  productive alert awake bored asleep
With book + 3
late -3
Tags: game layer, teaching

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