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Chapter mission notes

Individual chapter Missions

My chapter is 
The due date for my deck and mission presentation is

Load chapter missions 4 slides each into eclass dropbox.
At the end of the semester we will Create one full presentation, the Tome of Knowledge from the individual pieces for keepsake and to reference in other classes.


Find one key idea in the chapter that helps you build your design skill to a higher level.

Slide 1. What does the chapter say about the concept you select? Paraphrase the chapter discussion on your topic using your own words.
2. How does the chapter illustrate the concept? Give page number and caption of the illustration.
3. Find an alternate illustration that you personally think is cool, interesting, fabulous, and/or important.  Your illustration can be visual art or design, animated, comic, film, interior design, fashion, audio, game setting.
4. Use vocabulary from the text to compose a two sentence email type message. Write about why you selected your illustration and in what way it illustrates your chosen concept.

Honoria - make an example deck from chapter 1
Put schedule for delivery on eclass.
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