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pinhole camera


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Drawing for Animation Private Lessons
pinhole camera
I have been asked to give private drawing lessons in Austin.
I could only take 2 clients at a time so I developed the following offer...

I am a drawing coach and with my teaching load can fit in two clients at a time.  I charge $60.00/hour for drawing lessons/coaching. The initial hour is free to see if we are a good match for coaching.

My approach is for you to bring several drawings, artwork by your favorite artists, and we analyze what you connect to in the drawings. Those artists become your drawing mentors and I help with analysis of how you can develop in a direction that you already admire.  This opens up the door to learning from history as you move into a strong drawing future.  As you learn from mentors you will develop unique drawing strategies and your own style.

Also bring some of your recent work.  I assign specific drawing tasks based on your art history selections or the contemporary "mentors" that you bring to the session as well as your current drawings and your goals.  We meet face-to-face once a month for 1-3 hours depending on what you want to accomplish in the sessions.  These meetings can be strategy sessions or hands-on drawing workshops.  For each hour of face time you also have available to you an email critique of one to three drawings.  My critiques are all about strengths in your drawing and in your drawing strategies.  My teaching philosophy is to focus is on strengths.  When the focus is on strengths, the weaknesses will fall by the wayside.

My semester has just started and I'm booked until the last week in July.