honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Leveling up in Learning = Bloom's Taxonomy

What I'm doing these days is working on the game layer on top of the
world idea (launching off of Seth Priebatsch's SXSWi 2011 Keynote)
applied to art education and having a blast.

Just yesterday I transformed Blooms Taxonomy into a short and colorful
"Leveling up in Learning" deck and introduced Bloom's revised high
level learning theory right into my day one classroom.  The purpose of
showing this pattern is for students to see foundational layers of
learning such as remembering and understanding as natural paths to
higher levels of creativity.  Seeing the levels right up front helps
build student confidence for those who don't think they have a lot of
natural talent or have doubts about drawing.  Using the metaphor of
leveling up is a perfect language for most of my students and it's
optional.  If students want to process what we do as traditional
education, the content is the same (textbook etc), however we are
having fun in the game layer and many students are actually doing more

Current reading:  Reality is Broken and just finished playing all the
levels of Bub - a fun vacation game for the iPad.
Tags: game layer, instructional design, teaching

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