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Skeleton Game Results

So far I've jump started 4 out of 5 classes using  new game layer tactics. 
I've also used day one games with success. 
The best game so far was to draw piece by piece skeletons.  Here's how it worked.

Count off students one, two, three to create 3 teams.
Tape 3 6-foot long pieces of brown construction paper to the wall.
Give 3 anatomy books to 3 teams of 6-7 students and yell out bones almost at random and students take turn drawing individual bones as they are called out. 
Students self-organize to find the bones in the book and take turns drawing.
Groups soon realize they have a proportion problem with their skeleton but it doesn't matter since they are having fun.
The skeletons become creature like collages of bones.
Final step:  Everyone joins in and make the skeleton into a character.

After action:  Discuss how students received piecemeal information and a textbook resource.  They built team communication and strategy quickly and flexibly built a product with energy and collaboration.  Point out that students who stood by and let others do the work will have to step up in future games and activities to be a full participant in the course content and reap the rewards of learning.

Reflection:  Next week I am going to do another skeleton game. 
This one will stress relative proportions to the whole. 
Same teams as week one.
Teams have as many books as they bring to class.  Book owners become the team bosses:-) and organize who will do which step.
Two games: Front View Game and Back View Game
First player:  Uses a soft pencil to create the axial skeleton. No eraser.
Second player: Has eraser and soft pencil.  Team councils second player to correct first layer axial skeleton.
Whole team : Fix and agree on axial skeleton proportions
Third player:  Soft Pencil, No eraser, build out the clavicle and upper extremities
Fourth player:  Soft pencil and eraser.   Correct axial skeleton and upper extremities with group guidance.
Whole Team:  Fix and agree on upper extremities
Next player:  Soft pencil, no eraser, build out lower extremities.
Next player:  Use eraser and soft pencil to correct lower extremities.
Whole Team: Fix and agree on lower extremities.

Measure drawings using the head measure technique. 
Is the great trochanter of the femur, pubis and carpals at the mid point?
Compare drawing to head measure guide in the textbook.
Drawing with best proportion wins achievement points.

Skeleton Game drawing by student team in Anatomy Honoria Starbuck teaching Skeleton Game drawing by student team in Anatomy Honoria Starbuck teaching Skeleton Game drawing by student team in Anatomy Honoria Starbuck teaching

Skeleton Game drawing by student team in Anatomy Honoria Starbuck teaching  In this introductory skeleton game the students drew random bones as I called out the names of the bones.  After the game started they realized that all sense of proportion was lost and they had more fun.  At the end I asked them to add to the skeleton to create a character.  A good time was had by all.
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