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Yin in the Shadow of Yang - fresh paintings

Yesterday Bret and I spent hours sword painting in the front yard. 
Bret told me a story about Yin being the shadow of Yang and vice versa.
Here are two of the paintings.
Shadow of Yin Acrylic Sword painting by Honoria Starbuck July 2011
Blue:  Shadow of Yin Painted with sword, flat brush, and tip of rose acylic ink bottle dropper.

Shadow of Yang Acrylic Sword painting by Honoria Starbuck July 2011
Green:  Shadow of Yang
Painted with sword, flat brush, and sunflower.  The shadow of Yang was painted with 2 wild sunflowers taped to the sword and dipped in Opera acrylic paint.
This is a pair of paintings done in Acrylic paint on 16x20 inch Canson Archival Acrylic paper.
Original paintings signed by artist.
Oh and there's a bit of finger painting involved too.
Tags: acrylics, painting, sword, sword painting

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