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Tailor Your Own Homework
pinhole camera
Design your own homework...

After reading the chapter in the book do a search for examples of the topic from the text in your own field, let's say you are in MAA program and look for unity with variety in animation.
You may look at animation stills from an animated film.  For example if I liked Wall-e I'd find stills from the film. Select any animation that you really think tell a story and reflect the kind of unity with variation by showing a still with both robot characters Wall-e and EVE.  They are both robots by have variation in shape, color, value, movement.  In what ways are they similar?

Now:  Use the idea from the robot pair to create your own design.
Your design is informed by what you found in your search for professional examples.
Your design can be abstract or realistic and should take about 1 hour to complete.
After you have your design, mount it on a sheet of black foam core for presentation to the class.

If you are in web design find a web site that embodies the topic.
If you are in interior design find a interior design.
If you are in graphic design find a layout or advertisement, etc.