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SXSWi 2012 Proposal

Here is our education gamification proposal for the 2012 SXSWi. 

I hope you will vote for us in the Panel Picker voting opening Monday, August 15 through Friday, September 2.


Will gamification frag my curriculum?

Event Interactive 2012
Organizer Honoria Starbuck Art Institute of Austin
  1. Honoria Starbuck
  2. Mayet Bell
Description Boring! Young adults drag into class or training expecting to be bored. Teachers, researchers and trainers are fighting learner boredom and ennui through gamification. Gamification uses video game terminology and techniques to engage students the way a game actively engages players. However, game dynamics create urgent course design questions. For example, does a teacher give grades, or do students complete missions and raids to build points towards higher grades? We’ve found ways to use experience point systems to give students real agency over their grade points as they fulfill course objectives. Experimenting with achievement systems, we are learning new ways to provide formative feedback toward mastery of modules. The Art Institute of Austin trains students to be animators and game designers. A natural adoption of gamification is spreading and energizing the design curriculum. A big lesson in the quest for more engaged students is not to leave the good structure of instructional design behind when you gamify. What really happens when you use game strategies to create agency, immersion and transformation in face-to-face classes or training? This 2-person panel from the Art Institute of Austin reports from the trenches of design education. We will discuss real opportunities and threats when integrating games into learning communities. We encourage audience members to join a community of practice to further explore this exciting frontier in learning.
  1. How can we facilitate student spawning into active and successful learners?
  2. Games have been used in education since the beginning, what’s new about the gamification trend?
  3. How does Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domains translate into “leveling up”?
  4. How can students identify more deeply in their Hero’s Journey through course material?
  5. How do difficult game problems and quests prepare learners to work in their chosen industry?
Level Advanced
Supporting Material Seth Priebatsch SXSWi 2011 Keynote http://sxsw.com/node/6999 Jane McGonigal, Reality is Broken http://janemcgonigal.com/ Bayless and Schwartz, Instructional design as game design http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1536526
Category Education / Online Learning
Tags educational games, game layer, teaching

Tags: art education, game layer, teaching

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