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Student Designed Games

Next week in design fundamentals the three table teams are going to present Design Fundamental learning games that they design to be played by the class.  It should be very interesting.  The teams are called Ninja, the Purple Cobras, and We're still discussing it.

Instruction to students:

In the last class you formed teams to make a game.  the teams are the Ninja, the Purple Cobras, and the We're still discussing its.

This game is your homework.

The purpose of the game is to engage students with material in the chapters of the book. 
We have been playing flash card stump the stars games as an example.
You may focus on this week's topic Chapter 6 Rhythm.

You should come with:

Instructions for the game.  If you need to distribute instructions to individuals or teams you should bring enough copies.
Any game pieces that are needed to play.
Any materials such as cards or art supplies that will be needed.

Present your game by playing it as a whole class.

After we play the games we will discuss them in terms of the design concepts in the book.
Did the game seem to have unity in the form of beginning, middle, and end?
Did the game feature chaos or control or both?
Did the form of the game's components relate to the function of engagement?
Did the game seem balanced between learning and having fun?
What patterns were in the game that compare to other games you've experienced such as points, roles, responsibilities?
What were the rhythms in the game?  For example, Did the game have a slow start, or was it easy to find your pace in the game?
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