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I'm at home printing up all my chapters so that I'll have current copies of them all to read back. I got a little lost moving back to the essay chapter with Anna while trying to finish the postcard chapter conclusions. Now I'm also looking back at the message board chapter and the Ruud chapter. I'm printing them two pages to a sheet of paper to get more of an overview. Also to save paper. Now I boosted the font size to 14 to read a bit better two pages to a side. I will have the whole thing in my briefcase and that will be interesting to see it all at once even though I am at various stages of editing in each chapter. My poor printer is struggling. Never had to do so much work before. Oh my goodness. Ruud's chapter is big too. What a big project this has been and I don't know how much trouble I went through that is now meaningless. The message board and Ruud chapters have been totally eclipsed by the data chapters. What a slog. I wonder how much time I've wasted. Oh well, it's a learning experience that's for sure. It's time to look at the whole thing with some kind of realistic view toward finishing. What is in the first two chapters that can be cut and what's good foreshadowing for the data collection? It will be interesting to reread them in terms of what the data shows. OK now I have all 4 chapters printed out and ready to avant to the coffee house for consideration.

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