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Design Fundamentals Second Half Library Game

In this part of the semester we are going to build on the sketch ideas of the first half by creating more finished work.
We will review the contents of the chapter and hear the chapter mission findings, then we will head to the library to find great designs, especially from your future fields of employment.

This game has a search and find component, a team analysis part, and a final product creation.

Materials to bring:
Heavyweight colored paper including paint samples from paint stores.
Stiff black backing (Foam core or mat board)  at least 8.5 x 11 inches.  Larger backing boards are encouraged. 
Double sided tape
Glue sticks
Markers or paint and brushes

1.  In the library find a great design and make a copy of it.
2.  Return to the classroom with your copy.
3. 30 minutes: Your team will analyze the elements and principles of design that are evident in your selection.  Write notes about the ideas as they fly across the table. You will find it handy to refer to the early ideas as you sketch out your roughs.
4. 30 minutes: Sketch. Using your selection as inspiration your goal is to create a design based on its elements but not a direct copy of those elements. Ask your team and teacher for ways to branch out from your selection into a new design. You may do several rough drafts and revise your idea for 1/2 hour. 
5. 1 hour: Design completion and art show. You have 1 hour to complete the finished design using the materials you bring and to mount it on backing board. 
6. Write. If you finish early you are to write about the work using professional language and terms from the textbook.  If you finish writing about your own work you are to write about the work of another student.

The art show will be another layer of analysis as we review you design process from the initial research to the product completion.
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