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Drawing on deliberately messed up paper

Here are the steps to my Observational Drawing Surprise Background Game

Purpose: to shock students into creatively integrating foreground and background elements in a drawing.

1. Dash to make a mess.
Students put blank paper on the board and run up 3 times to make random marks and smears on the page. 
2. Take down the "messed up" paper and use it as a background for the next still life drawing.

Students often use contrast in value and color more effectively  as they deal with the reality of the charotic background.
Students create more dynamic compositions as they work to draw around and over the background.  Here are a few examples of the drawings resulting from this game from my class at the Art Institute of Austin.

Still life drawing on top of deliberately messed up paper.

Student's observed still life drawing of a toy shark on top of deliberately marked paper.

Student observational drawing of a still life made on top of deliberately messed up paper.

Thank you to my students who are open to experiments and games in the classroom and who always surprise me with unique individual approaches to drawing on the right side of the brain.

Student comments:

I was confused at first.  My left brain was freaking out because it appeared as though my paper was already messed up.  I asked questions and learned how to work with it.  I really love the outcome of my work.  The background worked wonderfully by providing symbolic significance.  CC

My work became more realistic.  I went ahead and tried the zen state of mind.  ... it was an awesome outcome that I didn't know I could do before.  Being carefree with my art has done me a lot of good.  ... My confidence is building. JG

My mindset change from my usual "drawing mindset" to something new.  Zen drawing came much more naturally to me and I was able to draw with confidence. CL
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