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Thinking Seeing Doing

During the first class in Design Fundamentals I introduce students to the Design Process that the book describes as Thinking, Seeing, & Doing.  These 3 activities can be sequential, interwoven, and reshuffled as the design is realized. 

I asked students to take 20 minutes to illustrate their own design process using cartoon drawings or more abstracted simple shapes including rubber stamp pads with wine cork for circles and cut rubber erasers for squares and rectangles plus cut paper and any art supplies they brought .

Everyone put up their illustration with magnets on the whiteboard. Next I asked a representative from each table to move the illustrations into the three categories.  Which illustrations seem to emphasize seeing, thinking, or doing.  Next I asked the artist to tell us what the illustration meant to them to see if the audience had been able to tell which of the three was emphasized.  Finally I asked the whole class to pick the illustrations that best illustrated the three themes.  These illustrations are shown below.

This activity helped students to see that interpreting an internal vision to communicate an abstract idea to a real audience is a very real challenge that can be tested on a target audience.

Design Fundamentals Class One illustrations emphasizing doing in the design process. Design Fundamentals illustrations of Seeing element in the design process. Design Fundamentals illustrations of Thinking element in the design process.
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