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From Liquid to Powdered Graphite

The Graphite Sandbox featured my big chunk of graphite, 9B graphite crayons from Germany, blocks of graphite, liquid graphite, powdered graphite, and water soluble graphite.

I also brought different surfaces to draw on such as bristol, vellum, and toned laid paper.  I demoed each of the types of graphite on each of the surfaces and turned the students loose to experiment.  Six students attended and tried a wide range of techniques including hand prints with the powder and lots of delicate smudging with tortillions.

These students now have a more sophisticated view of the potential for graphite.

Graphite powder hand print with graphite eye - student work October 2011 Honoria Starbuck Instructor 

Student smudging 9B graphite with stomp on toned paper - instructor Honoria Starbuck Graphite workshop students at the Thursday Sandbox October 2011 - instructor Honoria Starbuck

Tags: drawing, graphite, sandbox, teaching

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