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What do you want to do the second half of the term?

At the end of the mid-term exam I ask students to tell me what they want to concentrate on during the second half of the semester.

Here are recent answers to what do you want to do next?

I want to work on lights and shadows. How to utilize negative space to achieve Gestalt.
I want to concentrate on both relationships and Gestalt.
I want to learn how to turn off my symbol system because I feel that it holds me back.
I want to learn about color using pencils and markers.
I want to learn crosshatching.
I want to learn watercolor how to control it and mix it with different mediums.
I want to learn portrait drawing.
I want to fully understand light logic.
I want to know more about using a view finder to establish a composition and to get more practice with foreshortening.
I have used the powdered graphite once, and would like to use that more doing value versus line drawings.
L and R mode still confuses me. I feel like I draw better listening to verbal words.
I have perfected masses of value, now I want the subtle details in the masses of value to show too.
I would like to concentrate on using more color in my drawings as well as learning to use Prisma color materials.
I want to explore art supplies and have an open mind when learning to use them.
Tags: observational drawing, teaching

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