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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Design Fundamentals
pinhole camera
Design Fundamentals  -  midterm presentations Emilia Fall 2011 Instructor Honoria Starbuck
Student midterm presentations.
"I admit to being a committed consumer, but my love for brands and bargins goes far beyond your everyday shopper.  In my work over the past few weeks of this class I've illustrated and designed work that shows the impression and influence fashion design and retail has had on my life."  Emilia

In her reflection on what she has learned Emilia wrote:  "The knowledge I've gained thus far has helped me distinguish and appreciate work I've never understood.  I can relate to pieces of work I once found too complex and dissect them to understand or feel their message."

Teacher reflection: Asking students to reflect on what they've learned lets me see into the internal motivations that students have for integrating the material into their self image as an increasingly professional individual.

My midterm grading scale is also in the picture.  The 3 best designs are worth 35 points, the artist statement (a piece of the statement is quoted above) is worth 10 points, the mid-term exam is worth 30 points, and the student's self evaluation is worth 25 points for a total of 100 points.