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Anatomy Students' challenges and goals

This week's Continuing Conversations features student comments from the mid-term question:
What do you want to do next?

Here are directions you pointed to for focus during the second half. 
Let's tackle these challenges aim high for the goals.!


I'm struggling to draw women.

I want to concentrate on the feet since I never get them right. Either
they are too long flat or short big proportionally wrong and I dislike
drawing them, so I wish to concentrate on the matter of feet.

I would like to start adding detail into my drawings and experiment with
a wider variety of media. I would like to start by capturing the
essence of where the dominant facial features are on the model instead
of leaving their faces blank . I will also strive
to strengthen my weakness in drawing feet and hands.


I want to draw the entire anatomy and painted in a life size on my wall for a reference.

I want to focus on the form of the spine and body conjunctions with other parts.

I want to begin giving the subject in my pieces creative context from
which they can stand out and have a greater effect on the viewers.

I really want to work on speed, yet retain the same level of quality.
Drawing is just practicing acquired skills and knowledge, so I'd like to
learn the places to add line and shade that express the most dynamic
volume and form. Figuring this out would help
me with speed as well.

I want to experiment with color and see what ways I can expand my
artwork and to place stronger background around the figure to make a
bigger emphasis.

I hope to refine my anatomy skills further. Get quicker and develop a form and detailing more with newer materials.

Onward through the muscles....Honoria
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