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Design Fundamentals MidTerm

Jerusha in Design Fundamentals MidTerm presentations Fall 2011 Honoria Starbuck Instructor

The Design Fundamental midterm was in several parts.
  • Presentation of three best designsof the first half of the semester. Students had the option to redo any of their designs and present new work.
  • A mid-term exam that had frames in which to illustrate and name ways from the book to achieve Unity, Balance, etc.
  • An artist statement for students to use professional vocabulary about their own work.
Some student observations about their midterm exam:

This midterm was absolutely the most fun I've ever taken.  Expressing myself through wierd doodles that happened at random was fun and reignited my ambition to illustrate.

The midterm was a good way for me to explain and express my thought process and what I have learned so far.

I displayed my works from life drawing and anatomy to my Design Fundamentals class showing how I incorporate newly learned techniques to all my work.

I realized the things I need to improve on and really keep my confidence in my designs up.

I remembered most of my terms specifically by the examples I personally illustrated which made me think I should ask more questions and draw more examples for myself.

My presentation was prepared and professional.  The test was thorough and easy to follow.  I felt overall the midterm was a success for me and I'm ready to move on to the next half of class.

Teacher reflections:

I was pleased to read the specifics of what students felt valuable in the test.  About half the students reflected on their work and the other half decided to write about the experience of taking the exam.  I am happy that students feel confident to look closely at a test experience and feel that the exam is a stepping stone to the next educational adventure.  In this class, we work on the principles of design first half and the elements of design in the second half.
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