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From the Brain-Based Learning Guide on Edutopia

I am posting a few quotes from the Brain Based Learning guide to use later in a presentation about leveling up in learning.

␣␣Human brains are as unique as faces.
␣␣All brains are not equal because context and ability influence learning.
␣␣The brain is changed by experience.
␣␣The brain is highly plastic.
␣␣The brain connects new information to old.

Read an excerpt from Tokuhama-Espinosa’s book in New Horizons for Learning, a new journal from Johns Hopkins University School of Education


Effective teaching strategies help students move toward higher-order thinking, or what neurologists call executive function.

more from this writer-  

on the history of education:  http://education.jhu.edu/newhorizons/Journals/Winter2011/Tokuhama4

 Locke made calls for a philosophy of education that encouraged a deeper self-regulation of metacognition and learning and that continues to impact the way students are taught and how we observe what is learned even today. Locke suggested that a key to good teaching is to help students reflect more about their own thinking processes. 

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