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Qigong and Chinese Free Form Goldfish Painting
pinhole camera
The friends you can ask to come over for free form Chinese fish painting are few in number.

Bret, my tai chi and sword painting buddy, is one of those few! Today Bret and I did fish painting after watching some instructional videos on qigong by Master Li and on Chinese painting by Henry Li  http://youtu.be/vR05SDhiHjo

We followed Henry Li's technique pretty closely even thought it's a very loose and adaptable technique. 
Here are 7 fish.

This painting is on 15 x 33 inch sumi rice paper with sumi ink and a Chinese watercolor set from Hobby Lobby.  There are 7 goldfish because Colleen is having a feast of 7 fishes on Christmas Eve and I'm going to give her this painting.

Then I showed Bret some zen circles and I added the fish.

Chinese free form fish drawing and zen circle by Honoria Starbuck 2011 Free form Chinese fish painting wtih Zen circle and rubber stamps by Honoria Starbuck

In the painting number 3 there is one zen circle and 2 fish to make the number 3 or you could think that the third fish is in the mirror universe implied by the emptiness of the circle and/or the numbers 3 facing each other.  There are 3 fish even though you can only see two.

The painting number 9 has one zen circle, one free form fish, some rubber stamped shapes and a free from Chinese branch.  The number 9 stamped in bright orange/vermilion multiplies the fish by 9 to get the 9 goldfish for good luck.

These 2 paintings are on light brown hand made Indian pastel paper.  The paintings are 9"x12" is 200 gsm earth tone paper with 4 deckle edges.

Then Bret got tired and the cat sat on him.

Bret and Abe taking a nap.