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John read the chapters and suggested the implications now at the end of the two data chapters be moved up to the front of the chapters, then allude to them and weave them more into and between the examples, essays and artworks, with a short summary and reflection at the end. Can do.

He also wanted the art chapter to come before the interveiw chapter but conceptually the Ruud case study chapter and the interview chapter have to stay together because the Ruud chapter is about his huge 1995 interview project that lead to my interview project.

He suggested using the interviews as "documentation" of the mail art show in the book but he didn't realise that the term "documentation" in mail art has a specific meaning, not like a catalog or signage in a museum show. Documenation in mail art means the illustrated list that an artist hosting a show traditionally sends out to all participants.

I like his idea of describing the look and feel of a mail art exhibition to lead into the mail art chapter. I'm going to try to find a good picture of one. Maybe I can install a mini show using the work from this collection then describe it.

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