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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Photo Roster
pinhole camera
Photo roster by honoria starbuck
    Photo roster design by Honoria Starbuck


Purpose:  To better remember student names.  To have more fun when grading.

Photos: I take 2 photos of students on the first day. I call students up in groups of 4 in alphabetical order to pose in front of the whiteboard. I ask them to write their preferred first name and last initial on the board.  In the photo I also capture nick names. I ask students to do something silly in the second photo.

Grid: I select individual heads from the line up shots, adjust the contrast, then put each head in a grid template roster that I made in PowerPoint and can use for all classes. In the grid each weekly class has a spot for P or A for present or absent, daily points, and little notes.  The bottom line is for the semester report points.  All points get transferred from this manual daily portrait gradebook into the online gradebook in a way that helps me keep track of everyone as a person and not get lost in the numbers.   I used to have little lines inside the cells for points, homework, and attendance but I developed symbols for each and can put everything plus small notes on this grid.

Result: The silly pictures make calling the role more fun and when grading I am constantly reminded of how fun and creative my classes are.  Using the photo roster I am able to call students by name earlier in the term by referring to the photos.