honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Flowing anatomical terms over the model

This is part of a mid-term exam.

anatomy post mid-term drawing - Honoria Starbuck teacher Text and muscles anatomy drawing text muscles on the model Text Muscles on Model

The mid-term test was comprehensive open-notes test.  Students were responsible not for remembering all the anatomical names, but for being able to draw and then find the terms for the forms in their homework, classwork, and handout materials.  This right-brained, left-brained approach challenged the students to organize information, label their growing visual knowledge, and become more comfortable with anatomy vocabulary.

As a way to playfully integrate anatomical forms shapes and names,  I asked students to flow the names of the anatomical structures over the forms of the model.  Here are some examples of the work. 
Tags: anatomy, teaching

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