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Laser Cut Rubber Stamps

Yesterday we took a class in laser cutting rubber stamps at MAKEatx with Kristen and Eve.  An interesting group attended, with many different ideas on what to put on a stamp.  We experimented with 2 of my iPad images and Knut designed some message stamps with crisp font shapes and high contrast.  One of my designs was my simple line drawing nude and another was a fish with many layers of gray.  Knut converted the zen brush drawing into a bitmap at 150 dpi to build the stamp pattern for the laser to cut.

Laser class in laser cut rubber stamps at MAKEatx studio February 12, 2012 Eve and Kristen teach laser cutting  at MAKEatx studio February 12, 2012

When the cutting started the smell of burning rubber wafted from the laser and by the end of the cutting we all smelled of burning rubber. 

The stamps came out nicely and the next step is to mount them so that we get good impressions.  I recommend this class to anyone who wants to know interesting things to do with digital images.  Here are the first impressions from the cuts.  I'll post better prints when I get the right inks and paper.

Rubber stamps by Honoria Starbuck at MAKEatx studio February 12, 2012
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