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Cool hot pink and 3-hole punches

I just moved the whole dissertation onto a zip disk to take to school where I will move the postcard chapter onto the server. It takes an hour to load the postcard chapter with it's many illustrations via my dial up from home. Voila, there's an up-to-date back up. I had a good meeting with Anna yesterday for active listening about my response to John's advice. Now I'm starting on pazazzing the Introduction and moving forward with a voice layer of the research. The intro will be Merlin's warning then the bathtub sequence then the multiple definitions of mail art and then a story of my general Sherlock Holmesian or maybe Lord Peter methods. Maybe Anna is Bunter. Then when we finish this document we want to write our real murder mysteries. I'll do the Lamar Plaza series staring Henry and Grace. Anna's going to off her x (in fiction only of course but delightfully satisfying). So yesterday I went to see Henry to pick out stuff for Sandy. Henry is a profound fashion genius. He has a silver purse that I will return and purchase soon. I've been looking for a silver purse and just yesterday I found a wonderful one at TJ Maxx. It's so modernist and a bit techie, small evening bag, tubular shape with a molded handle that rises out of the petite tube--all covered tightly with silver fabric. The purse at Henry's is 50's woven strips of silver metal and a bit pricey. I need them both. I do have 3 pair of silver shoes, in that context 2 silver purses is not out of line. Yesterday I had to have pink things and that's what I was doing when I happened upon the silver purse. It was Elvis' birthday and I was driving around singing with Elvis and he came through from the beyond over the radio and I was free for the day, had the meeting with Anna, then had to get an oil change and my toes painted for which I chose the same pink I was trying to buy, sort of a cool hot pink. So not finding any pink stuff at the new stores I pulled into Goodwill and they had their Valentine colors out . and the valentine colors are my color of pink and red. I bought a pink sweater, a pink shell and two red shells, and a pink mole skin little Channelly jacket. All I need now is a pink pillbox hat oh and a pink purse but I'll just isolate the jacket in a field of gray or black. Anyway I also found some new black pants and the man at Goodwill congratulated me on my new wardrobe. Thank you Elvis. Thank you Henry. Thank you Anna! So now it's time to put on the pink sweater and sashay to the university and plug the zip into the zip drives in the big lab and put it on the server then pull the files onto my computer at work and print a current version of the couple of chapters that I don't have in my folders. It's getting to be time to take them out of separate folders do some 3-hole punching and put them all together into a binder to start to look like a book.

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