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photograph of Honoria Starbuck walking on an Oregon Coast beach.

We had the best honeymoon.
We went to Portland and stayed at Kay's house. 
Kay's paintings are all over the house making it a magic place and the center of it all is my friend Kay. 
I can't write about Kay, she just IS (in capital letters) but you can see the paintings from her Feb 2011 show and read more about her here.


We went to see The Tale of the Crippled Boy, an installation and animation by John Frame at the Huntington. 
This was my first introduction to this amazing project that I will show my students.  The idea started with a dream and engaged years of the artist's life to realize.


We went to the coast too and enjoyed the seagull squawky-blustery-breezy-wavepounded beaches.
Tags: animation, art, kay bridge, painting, professional development, teaching

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