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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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How to have a stealth wedding
pinhole camera
Our idea to have a secret wedding evolved naturally.
We have a history in the family of big weddings but we wanted a small wedding.
A small wedding will hurt feelings.  But what about a secret wedding?
We came up with the idea of a stealth wedding.
Only key parties will know...the Ring Bearer, in this case my son, Lucas; the officiant, Phil, and a family friend photographer.
The action takes place unannounced at a location known only to the bride and groom and the above 3 persons.
The selected uninformed family accompanies the bride and groom to the location not knowing that there will be a wedding at that location.
-- Boom --
-- Wedding --
5 minutes in a garden with minimum fuss.
A moment of confusion - Is this real?
2 rings exchanged
a few tears of joy
rest of life
happily ever after

reception to follow at leisure...

Knut and Honoria Vows:

Thank you for being who you are to me.
Your lasting friendship is a precious gift.
Today, I take you to be my life's partner.
My commitment is strong and without reservation.
I love you and am honored to become your wife/husband.

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How exciting!!! Has the deed been done? If so, congratulations. x

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