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OK, cleared friend brain of the week's intensive work of proposal writing. Yes, look at that vast horizon of possibilities and mystery lit by the setting or rising sun. Speaking of son, I wonder where Lucas is. I think I'll read a Hemingway story to really clear the palette. There, a Nick story 3 - pages of nice short sentences, fishing, and dialog. Lots left out.

And I'm playing Willie Nelson -on the road again- and drinking coffee. Life is nice. Knut will come in the convertible and I will wear my new silk skirt and Italian boots. I'm tired of pants for Saturday. I will think about painting and postcards and tell Knut , Anna, and Sandy about the free branding experience. I will pull out the cut down version of the introduction and start in on it. The diss recommences; its intro will flow into the message boards, the cleaned up version, that will beat its chatty little head against the big massive Ruud Janssen chapter that will nudge the barge full of interview data and then hit the rapids of the postcard chapter and end up in the swampy implications and slow down further in the references, pull its boat on the shore of the document signed by the committee, build a fire and roast its catch.

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