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Design Fundamentals Student Blogs Spring 2012
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Design Fundamentals students are creating a textbook as the project.  This textbook is made up of images the students find to illustrate the key terms and concepts related to the Principles and Elements of design. Students have the option of creating a paper textbook (sketchbook, scrapbook with illustrations pasted in), a series of PPTs that they show the class, or create a blog.  The project is starting to gain momentum. 

Example Blog by Jeremy Price using Game Design

Monday Class Blogs

Thursday Class blogs

Teaching reflection:
The Build-it-Yourself textbook project is taking off in both classes.  When students feel the respect I have and other students have for their choices of illustrations confidence rises.  When students see the principles and elements of design contained in the works they select the information is grounded and contextualized in a way that they remember and appreciate.  The social learning is an important component when students look at and analyze illustrations found by other students. 


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