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Today's Gesture Dynamics

Charcoal drawing by Jeremy, Art Institute of Austin, CA233 Spring 2012
Today’s gesture life drawing class revealed many exciting stories told in diverse tools and techniques.  A big thank you to model Dennis.  Drawing by Jeremy, Media Arts and Animation student.

Drawing by Chris P.  Art Institute of Austin, Media Arts and Animation student Spring 2012.  Honoria Starbuck Instructor
Drawing by Chris P., Media Arts and Animation student.

Graphite and Pastel drawing by Kirsten.  Student at Art Institute of Austin.  Honoria Starbuck Instructor
Graphite and Pastel drawing by Kirsten.  Media Arts and Animation student.

In one drawing sequence the model posed with a sheer curtain panel lit from the side and from below.  The sheer white fabric can be turned into mist, smoke, or planes as the light hits the folds with the model inside.

Teaching Reflection: 
As students really look at the success of their fellow students the confidence and sense of experiment builds.  In  the beginning of class students noted that homework exhibit figures with background values told stronger visual stories than the figures on plane white sheets of paper.  One drawing had a rubbed red pastel background, another had simple architectural shapes in shades of gray, and another had a textured background.  We discussed how the backgrounds gave depth to the drawing, how the color enhanced the emotion of the gesture, and how the textured background added to the sense of movement.  These beginning close observations of the success of students in the homework started a wave of experimenting with the overall composition from a learning community of inspired students. 
Tags: charcoal, gesture, reflection, student work, teaching

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