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ACTLab Conference Austin 2012

Zen brush drawing from ACTLab conference April, 2012 by Honoria Starbuck

Lichty haiku

Data abattoir
bonded into the user's flesh

The Actlab conference was amazing day of smart talk and futuristic visions.  It was magical being back in the ACTlab that has not been changed at all since we left except a new soundboard.
  • 12:00pm - Drs Stone/Lopez: Brunch and Opening Remarks
  •  1:00pm - Hill: Disembodied Choreography: Examining Physicality-based Interaction
  •  1:30pm - Patrick Lichty: Desktop, Laptop, Palmtop, Abattoir: The Embrace of Machinic Slavery
  •  2:00pm - Barton: Designing a Performance Praxis for Acoustic Xenharmonic Music
  •  2:30pm - Break
  •  3:00pm - Weil: Reimagining Retro: Hacking, Allohistory, and Feminine Aesthetic in 8-Bit Video Games
  •  3:30pm - Lichty:Hilarity and Humiliation: Social Video and The Pornography of Suffering
  •  4:00pm - Beira: Mediated liveness: The expanded live interface design in media based performance
  •  4:30pm - Dixon: The Anxiety of the Digital Archive: A Personal Essay
  •  5:00pm - Hemingson: Ambisonics in an Earbud Era
  •  5:30 pm - Closing remarks by Sandy and Joey
  •  6:00pm - Post-conference drinks at the Hole In The Wall
Tags: comic, haiku, professional development, teaching

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