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UT Austin School of Architecture Exhibiton: Blood and Swallow

"Moving Images" by John Blood. John Blood  teaches at The University of Texas at Austin and practices professionally as an architect with Danze and Blood Architects and as a set designer, illustrator and storyboard artist for film and television.

"1,000+ Art/Architecture Maquettes Produced by the Cut N' Fold Manipulation Process from Junk Mail and Packaging, 2011-2012" by Richard Swallow

Teaching Reflections:

This is a very inspiring show.  The combination of the work of these two creative instructors must be a great inspiration to their students.  We just walked in off the street and were inspired.  I showed my photos of the show to my animation and design students and invited to join me on Friday morning to see the show and get extra credit.

I want to bring in some junk mail when we do the chapter on shape and see if students can be inspired by this show to create a smaller version of the installation.

Tags: professional development, reflection, teaching

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