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Shark Week in Observational Drawing

Tonight the students used a toy shark and a manikin to build a still life putting the manikin in the shark's mouth.  After the timed drawing a student asked me how to create foam.  So I demoed a finger painting technique with white gouache and a dry techniques with pastel and we looked at some shark attack paintings from art history.  The students then synthesized all that information and started their own splatter painting and wet towel daubing techniques to add foam to the still life drawings.

Student work Observational Drawing Spring 2012
Drawing by Christian

Student drawing Observational Drawing Spring 2012 Honoria Starbuck Instruction, Art Institute of Austin
Drawing by Nemesis

Teaching Reflections:
Over the years student have systematically made dynamic compositions using a toy shark that one of our figure models gave to us.  Thank you Dennis!!!  This simple toy works great as a still life subject as the light hits the smooth surface and provides a surface for strong visible light logic.  The shark is much more stimulating to draw than traditional still life subjects and I will be on the lookout for more simple and provocative objects.  However,  my advice to art teachers who want student to draw with narrative energy and learn light logic at the same time is to go out and buy a plastic shark.  This shark is about 16 inches long.
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