honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

January 13, 1995

Ray's last day 8 years ago. I got some writing done on the intro chapter yesterday evening at the Spider House café with Knut. He worked on his immigration essay. I wrote the introduction to the definitions of mail art by various mail artists. So the flow of the introduction now is the phone call from Ray, the warning from Merlin, the first question an investigator asks is what is mail art, definitions by various mail artists, a few comments from John abstracting the narrative and the idea of a body, and then a brief description of the chapters to follow. I have stuck some Methods in there but I'm going to put them in a whole little chapter to themselves and they may or may not talk about mysteries but I guess they should. Wrapping research and detection together in some convincing pleasant path. Today one goal is to get price quotes on printing 500 post cards on nice cotton paper to put my recent branding text on one side and illustrate the other side with honoria signature individual mail arts.

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