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Observational Drawing Skeleton Day

ART 108 Obserational Drawing Week 6 light logic applied to the human form. Honoria Starbuck Instructor

Students in Observational Drawing apply the 5 perceptual skills to drawing the human form and skeleton.

Learning Task: 
Students have been working with light logic since week 3 starting with lemons and working on more complex still lives such as our toy shark.  In week 6 the challenge is to apply the 5 perceptual skills (Edges, Light and Dark, Relationships, Positive and Negative Shapes, and Gestalt to drawing the human form.  Students posed for each other for shorter poses then posed the classroom skeleton for the final extended drawing.

Teaching Reflections:
This small class has really bonded into a serious learning community who will gladly express their thoughts and ask questions without hesitation.  In my supportive role I suggest new tools and techniques to try in a just in time way based on watching students as they draw.  In this way I can nudge students to save effective parts of the drawings that seem unfinished to their evolving sense of composition.  Students generally want to cover the whole surface with details.  I help them to see the value between sketched or smudged value areas of the composition in relation to specific detailed areas and to use details strategically to create a focal point in the composition.  Overall the 5 perceptual skills along with chiaroscuro lighting are great building blocks for teaching Observational Drawing.
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