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Design Fundamentals Shape Activity

Student Work Design Fundamentals Shape Topics Illustrations Honoria Starbuck Instructor
Student Work Design Fundamentals Shape Topics Illustrations. Spring 2012. Honoria Starbuck, Instructor

Learning Activity:
Students used color paper and oil pastels and markers to illustrate all the vocabulary words in the chapter on shape.  Each student picked what topic from the chapter on Shape to illustrate.  After they illustrated the vocabulary they lined up the illustrations.  Students took markers and tried to guess what term from the chapter each illustrations emphasized and wrote the term above the illustration.  Students noted that often some concepts were evident in the same illustration.  In addition they used vocabulary from the principles of design from the first half of the term when discussion the element of shape.

Teaching Reflections:
As students tried to illustrate the topic they has access to the illustrations in the book and recent memories of looking up examples to illustrate shape and line in contemporary magazines and web searches in the library.   Naming the illustrations created opportunities for students to discuss the options amongst themselves as they debated what terms went with what illustrations.  I've found this is a low barrier to entry discussion activity. Students engage in discussions with sincerity while trying to determine the nuances in meanings of terms for visual representation.  My big take-away is that this hands-on activity is especially effective for students who are happier with visual information and working with materials over working with words.
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