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WEST studio tour readiness report

I'm getting very excited about set-up tomorrow with Marty, Loren and Bret and the actual tour on the weekend.
I got the Square credit card reader and the account so we can take cards at the event for sales.  
Yay!  Just tested the Square and it paid into my Square account quickly and neatly and sent a receipt too.

I'm Bretifying some fish and life drawing copies that I made yesterday.  I have a book full of copies of the zen brush drawings so I can take orders for chine-colle prints.  I took the best chine colle fish print to Jerry's and the fish may be framed for the show and the two other artist proofs may be matted and ready to sell.

I have grommets, rope, and setter to make the canvas wall.
Knut set up the big interior wall for hanging the poppies with fishing line and arthooks.
Bret and I mounted a number of works on black foam core and have been making a spreadsheet with names and dimensions and We hope to get advice on prices to add the prices to each piece in the pricelist.  
I'm mounting zen circles on wabi sabi paper.
We think Knut will be a great price master but suggestions welcome.
The weather looks promising...
I found the missing sketchbooks.

Next steps
Artist statement and signage.
Canvas Wall
Poppy Wall
Print rack cleared and reloaded.
Guest book. I have tons of book options to use for guest book.
Move a lot of junk.
Sketchbook final selection.
Finish pricelist
Finish mounting and labels
Determing swordpainting activity or display

Spin offs:
Flyer for private swordpainting lessons?
Marty is going to help set up a social media strategy:-)

Need to buy:
More mosquito deterrent for front yard.

I will start working in the house around 10 a.m. and keep going.

Onward through the art...
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