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Surreal Game Texture Creatures

To integrate several design fundamentals into a single project, in this case shape, texture, and value.
To enliven an early morning class with action.

I used the exquisite corpse surreal game basic.
Teams of 3 students.
Each student gets a paper.
Fold 11x17 paper into thirds.
Instruct students to create a head out of simple shapes on the top third with a couple line showing on the second to indicate where the neck is.
Pass the paper to another student without showing the head, only the lines for the neck.
Students use simple shapes to connect the neck lines to a body and arms on the middle section without knowing what the head looks like leaving little line indicators to show the bottom of the body. 
2 lines at the top of the last folded segment means that the body stops at the torso, 4 lines means that the legs have been started.
Fold the paper and pass it to another student without showing the head or the body.
Students then unfold the complete 3-part creatures.
Next step is to give the creatures various textures.
Pass out graphite sticks, crayons, or color pencil blocks and take them outside to find things to rub.  We also had raised signs in the halls with numbers, words, and stair steps which made for fun additions to the abstract textures.

Then we went outside with the instruction to get rubbings to give the specific shapes in the creature different  textures.  .Creatures with rubbed textrures on them from Design Fundamentals class Honoria Starbuck Instructor


Teaching Reflections
Students enjoyed getting away from the professional realm of library example collecting and getting dirty with the soft graphite.  They enjoyed the fun of this relatively simple project, yet were able to use the nuanced vocabulary of the chapter to describe their creatures.

Next steps
I realize that I could use the creature game for other chapters and it would be a fun project for color. 
I used paper that was too thick for good rubbing.  I will use 20 lb paper next time.
I need to be sure that I have different materials to work with.  The graphite was too soft for much contrast in the creatures.  A variety in the hardness of lead would be ideal.  I will do this again for the color chapter using color pencil blocks that I have.
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