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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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WEST tour - a success!
pinhole camera
Honoria's extended family on the deck celebrating a successful studio tour weekend.  May 2012
What a weekend.
The WEST studio tour brought a steady stream of art tourists, many of whom were curious about the shed's distinctive shape. I sold enough paintings to break even and then some!  People were interested in sword painting seminars and iPad drawing classes and signed up on a mailing list.  Loren and Marty were fabulous helpers who actually designed the flow of the show.  It was awesome to wind down up on the deck at sunset. 

Here is an email from a visiting art patron who wants to come back and buy a print of a pair of zen brush fish.

Very much enjoyed visiting your home and studio this Saturday, thank you for having us! Also, I overheard you educating someone on the uses of a type of marker (ones used in the world of comic books) and can totally see why you are a teacher- thank you for being you!

Did speak with Knut about purchasing a print of  Koi and he pointed out that with you all living in the studio it’s easy to come get the work at many times. I visit Brentwood in the eves with my dogs and bike on Woodrow and Arroyo Seco later, would a weekday eve be okay to come by?

(who cannot thank you enough for being willing to share your art and knowledge, you do Great things!)

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congratulations! it sounds great :-)

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