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Value and Color Activity

Objective:  To analyze a range of values in black and white and color. 

Task:  Sort an assortment of brightly colored card stock into a value scale from darkest to lightest.
Verify the scale by taking a photo in color then in back and white mode.

Black and white photo of a color papers arranged in value scale.  Design Fundamentals Honoria Starbuck Instructor    color photo of a color papers arranged in value scale.  Design Fundamentals Honoria Starbuck Instructor
Photos by Allan P.

Teaching reflections:
This short color value activity brought the whole class together and engaged both their eyes and technology to determine the value scale of the papers.  This activity was a good fit for students who are natural cell phone photographers.  One student discovered that using the grayscale option on his phone was a quick way to understand value relationships in a range of colors.  Encouraging students to add technology to the activity through the option of gray scale options engages discovery learning.  Showing how designers use Grisaille to create under paintings shows how professionals build color relationships on top of  value relationships.

Next Steps:
Get a lot of different colors swatches from the paint store and have the students divide them and organize them in different palettes and analyze the grayscale of each palette.

Tags: design fundamentals, teaching

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